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DC Siding

South Siding

Toledo Siding

Vinyl Siding Companies

New York Furnace Repair

New York House Painting

New York Tree Removal

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More About Syracuse

Syracuse is a city in upstate New York. It is the county seat of Onondaga County. It is the fifth largest city in New York State.

The area is noted for its rich cultural heritage and art galleries. There are several art galleries in downtown Syracuse. Syracuse University has an on-campus art gallery that is open to the public. This gallery houses more than one hundred works of art by local and visiting artists. The Southwestern University Art Gallery and the Syracuse University Museum also contain numerous art works.

Formerly a manufacturing center, the local economy has been fighting challenges during the past decades as factories have left the area. The number of state and local government jobs has been declining somewhat for several years as well. The biggest employers today are primarily in higher education and the university, research, medical and health care, services, and some manufacturing still remains. U

Syracuse University is located here. The university offers many undergraduate and graduate programs that range from associate degrees to doctoral programs. The college has a number of art programs and departments, including art history, arts and sciences, poetry, creative writing, visual arts, theater, music, television, film, digital media, visual communications, interdisciplinary studies, video, and Visual and Performing Arts.

The two main academic areas of study are the College of Arts & Sciences, which are encompassing the entire college, and the College of Business. Syracuse has strong ties to New York City's theater industry. The Syracuse University Symphony Orchestra also holds performances in the heart of downtown, and the Carrier Center. The New York Philharmonic and the Metropolitan Opera are regular visitors to the Carrier Center.

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